Flo-Tek Solid, Waste and Vent fittings of nominal sizes 50-110 mm are intended for above ground non-pressure applications, where continuous temperature in excess 60°C are not encouraged.

Pipes and fittings available with two methods of jointing;

  • Solvent Cement
  • Rubber Ring


Flo-Tek's Soil, Waste and Vent Pipes are specially formulated for resistance to sunlight and long-term outdoor exposure.

SANS 967 UPVC Fittings

Injection moulded fittings are available in either rubber ring or solvent weld in sizes 50 mm and 110 mm.

Product Range

  • Reduced Juction 160X110 45° (UG)
  • Junction Plain 110X110 45° (UG)
  • Junction Access Left  (110X110 45° (UG)
  • Junction Access Right  (110X110 45° (UG)
  • Gulley Head & Grate  Round (190X110 (UG)
  • Rodding Eye 110X45°
  • Gully “P” Trap 110mm(UG)
  • Stopend Plain Female 110mm (UG)
  • Socket Single 110 mm (UG)
  • Bend Plain 110X45° (UG)
  • Bend Plain 110X87.5° (UG)
  • Kimberly Socket 110mm UG
  • Bend Plain 110×22.5° UG

Sizes 50mm to110mm
  • Resistance to sunlight and long-term outdoor exposure.
  • Temperature is below 60°C.
  • Ease of installation. Secure joints.
  • Lightweight.