Transportation Tanks

Flo-Tek transportation tanks are ideal for most liquids and can be used to transport water, fertilizers and chemicals (please ask for safety data sheet before storing any chemicals).

Flo-Tek transportation tanks are extensively used to transport water (Medium & Heavy Duty Only) because their ribbed design slows down liquid movement during transportation.

Capacity: 5 000 litres

Sizes 5000L
  • Ideal for water, fertilizers and chemicals*
  • UV & Chemical Resistance Polyethelene
  • Range of Colours
  • Transportation friendly – Baffles (ribbed design) break the water waves during transportation
  • Longer life span – the baffles make the tank more durable as they break the water movement inside the tank
  • Safety feature for the vehicle carrying the water as the baffles break the water movement inside the tank
  • Ideal use for vehicles transporting water