Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Flo-Tek South Africa

As a good corporate citizen company, Flo-Tek has many CSR initiatives in each of the countries that it has presence in.

In South Africa, Flo-Tek has always been passionate about giving back to the community. Donations have consistently been made to various charities and organizations, however Play Pumps a project that needs special mention. Roundabout Water Solutions, along with Flo-Tek South Africa, has an agreement with the South African Department of Water Affairs and the Governments of Malawi and Lesotho. Together they raise funds to supply rural communities with clean drinking water by means of a sustainable pumping system that is powered by the children who are playing, this system is called a Play Pump.

The Play Pump is a specifically designed and patented roundabout that drives a conventional borehole pump while entertaining children. The revolutionary pump design converts rotational movement to reciprocating linear movement by a driving mechanism consisting of only two working parts. Playing on a roundabout or merry-go-round has always been fun for children, so there is never a shortage of ‘volunteers. As the children spin, water is pumped from underground into a Flo-Tek Polyethylene tank, standing seven meters above the ground. A simple tap provides easy access for the mothers and children drawing water. Excess water (overflow) is directed from the storage tank back down to the borehole.

Flo-Tek Botswana

In Botswana there have also been many CSR initiatives that Flo-Tek has undertaken and, have partnered many times with town councils, government initiatives as well as, own initiatives towards being a good corporate citizen company. Amongst the numerous activities worth special mention is, being manufacturers of water tanks and allied products numerous water tanks have been donated to the community to mitigate the acute problem of water shortage in semi-arid Botswana.


During the lockdown, Flo-Tek gave 400 food hampers to the community of Lobatse through the Office of the Mayor of Lobatse and the Office of Member of Parliament for Lobatse. Below is the link of the photos from the event. We are also sponsoring Thapelong Empowerment Trust (NGO which operates as an Orphanage home) with Monthly groceries for them to feed the kids.


CPVC is an innovative piping and fitting solution offered by Flo-Tek. CPVC is manufactured by Flo-Tek under the license agreement with Lubrizol, who is based in the USA. Lubrizol is owned by Berkshire Hathaway, also based in the USA. Flowguard is the company’s own brand of CPVC under which manufacturing is done by Flo-Tek. This product was launch by H.E. The President of Botswana in November 2019 in Gaborone. Flo-Tek has obtained the license agreement with Lubrizol to distribute to the entire Southern Africa.


Global Expo is held by Botswana Trade and Investment Corporation in Botswana yearly. Companies in Botswana are given these awards in partnership with BITC and Grand Thornton every year, at the Global Expo. Flo-Tek has been winning these awards for the past four years.