Flo-Tek Rotomolded Products (Other)

Flo-Tek offers other Rotomolded products for agricultural solutions including Cattle products such as water drums and plastic bowls.

Feeding Troughs

Flo-Tek manufactures a range of Rotomolded agricultural products including; Cattle Troughs, Feeding Troughs, Water Drums and Plastic Bowls.




Storage Drum

Flo-Tek manufactures a range of rotomoulded storage drums for water, grain and other agricultural commodities. Made from durable material, are also lightweight and easy to transport.



Trash Bins

Flo-Tek manufactures a wide range of Rotomolded products, including Wheel Trash bins in various colours for easy recycling and waste management.


dog kennel

Dog Kennels

Flo-Tek manufactures a range of rotomoulded dog kennels. Available in a various colours and sizes, low-maintenance, lightweight and durable.



Grease Trap

Flo-tek's durable and lightweight Grease Traps are designed to intercept most greases and solids before they enter a wastewater disposal system.

grey water system

Grey Water System

Flo-Tek's Grey Water system collects wastewater from household bathtubs, washing machines and showers, to be used to irrigate gardens.




Flo-Tek's strong, durable pedestals are made of UV-resistant polyethylene and are easy to use, clean and maintain. Rust and corrosion-resistant.



Road & Traffic Products

Flo-Tek manufactures a range of rotomolded road and traffic products such as Traffic Cones, Corner Pieces, Tyre Blocks and Road Barriers.