UPVC structure wall drainage and Sewer pipes (foam core)

Flo-Tek’s UPVC structure wall drainage and Sewer pipes are intended for buried gravity drainage sewerage pipe systems for transportation of soil and waste discharge of domestic and industrial origin. Pipes are available with plain ends or with integral rubber ring socket. Flo-Tek’s Sewer and Drainage pipes are made with three pipe stiffness classes; 100 KPa, 200KPa and 400 KPa.

Foam core sewer and drain pipes have a multi—Iayered structure as shown below. The three layers provide strength and resistance to soil loads. These pipes have smooth inner and outer walls and a middle layer consisting of dense cellular, foamed PVC having a high stiffness to weight ratio, providing weight and cost savings and higher pipe stiffness. Outside diameters are the same as solid wall pipes made to SANS 791. Foam core pipes are thus compatible with all moulded and fabricated sewer and drain fittings.

Sizes All pipes are made to provide an effective length of 6.0 meters from 20 mm to 250 mm and 5.8 meters from 315 mm to 500 mm after installation
  • Reduction in mass (compared to SANS 791 pipes) contributes to competitive pricing.
  • Longer pipe lengths resulting in fewer joints to be made.
  • Sufficient longitudinal rigidity to enable pipes to be accurately laid to line.
  • Lighter weight pipes which is an advantage in manual handling.
  • Lower installation costs.