Workshop Fabrication Machines

Suitable for fabricating elbows, tees, crosses and Y-pieces (45° & 60°) fittings for PE, PP PVDF in workshops. Also used to lengthen injection moulded fittings and to make integrated fittings, integrated structure. Electric plainer with safety limit switch. Low starting pressure and high reliable structure. Separate two channel timer records time for soaking and cooling phases.

Sizes 90mm to 1200mm
  • High accurate and shockproof pressure gauge indicates cleaner readings.
  • FHG upward CNC equipped with PLC and touchscreen.
  • Hydraulic open and close clamp system to improve ergonomics.
  • Extension for data collection and transmission system.
  • Extension for remote fault analysis.
  • Extension for company MES management system.
  • Note: Bigger sizes available on request.